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MMADfan's Fanfic Journal

This LJ focusses on my HP fanfics, with occasional digressions into other unrelated areas.

I enjoy writing character-driven stories, no matter the particular genre, and so I tend to focus on relationships between characters. I like to explore characters' perceptions, motivations, and psyches, and I like to play with point-of-view when presenting a scene, and gradually build up a story for the reader.

I have eclectic taste in literature, but although I've done a lot of writing, I only began writing fanfic in the last few years. It's been fun. Unfortunately, I find that when I'm writing, I can't/don't read fanfic, so I read very little fanfic these days. Before I began writing fanfic, I usually used to read SSHG stories, and ADMM when I could find them, but I'm open for most 'ships as well as for stories where the focus isn't on any particular pairing. I don't generally read stories that focus on students.

I grew up in NYS and have lived in a number of different places on the East Coast, as well as having lived a few years in Europe and in the UK.

Friending: Feel free to friend me. Almost all my posts are public, and I started the LJ for people to be able to find out about my fics, so I expect that most people who friend me are interested in them. I post story update notices, additional story info, detailed tables of contents, and maintain an updated list of my fics. The summaries on my LJ sometimes include information that isn't in the story summaries posted on the archives. In addition, when there is a hiatus in a story for some reason, my LJ is a good place to see what's up. If you don't read my fanfics, you'll probably find my journal very dull!

I understand that some people get weirded out for some reason if people they don't know friend them. Friending just lets someone read public journal entries on their Friends page so they don't have to go to each journal individually that they're interested in following. It also allows you to read any of their friends-locked posts that aren't further filtered. So I'm happy if readers of my stories friend me in order to follow my fics or to communicate with me.

I rarely friend back and don't spend a lot of time on LJ, so please don't be offended if I don't friend you back. :-)

And for a little something fun:

The Sorting Hat Says
that I belong in Ravenclaw!

Said Ravenclaw, “We’ll teach those whose intelligence is surest.”

The Sorting Hat scored me:
95% Ravenclaw,
88% Hufflepuff,
69% Gryffindor,
49% Slytherin.