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Resolving a Misunderstanding Character Guide

Here's a handy guide to the characters in Resolving a Misunderstanding. There are probably some missing, but it's fairly complete.

Both original characters and canon characters are listed. The role listed for specific canon characters may not be strictly canon (e.g., Filius Flitwick is the Charms teacher, but the dates are RaM dates; nothing in the series states when he began teaching). There will be a more complete guide to the OCs provided in an Appendix in pdf format once Resolving a Misunderstanding is finished.

The asterisks next to some of the OCs indicate that the family name comes from canon.

I have only given the Houses for some, though not all, of the original characters, and not for any canon characters. For most of the Blacks, who are all canon characters, I have tried to identify them by their relationship to Sirius, who is not yet born at the time of RaM.

Resolving a Misunderstanding
Character Guide

Original Characters

Major Original Characters    
Professor Gertrude Gamp* Arithmancy, Slytherin  
Cormac Quinlivan MacAirt Friend of Minerva's, None  
Carson Murphy Friend of Minerva's, Ravenclaw  
Wilspy Dumbledore house-elf  
Minerva's Family    
Merwyn Marcas McGonagall* Minerva's father, Ravenclaw  
Egeria Egidius McGonagall* Minerva's mother, Gryffindor  
Malcolm Mercury McGonagall* Minerva's brother, oldest,
Murdoch Maxentius McGonagall* Minerva's brother, youngest,
Morgan M. McGonagall* Minerva's brother, middle,
Fiona McGonagall* Morgan's wife, Hufflepuff
Melina McGonagall* Minerva's niece, Hufflepuff
Brennan O'Donald Melina's fiance/husband,
Fwisky McGonagall house-elf  
Orents McGonagall house-elf  
Quimpy McGonagall house-elf
Perrin Egidius Minerva's uncle, Ravenclaw
Siofre Tyree Merwyn's mother, Ravenclaw
Collum McGonagall* Merwyn's father, Gryffindor
Herbert McKenna Siofre's second husband,
Maisie Tyree Siofre's daughter,
Merwyn's half-sister,
Dorcas Tyree Maisie's daughter,
Perseus Parnovon Egeria's uncle, Ravenclaw
Helen Parnovon Pereus's wife, Hufflepuff
Crispinian Egidius Egeria's father, Gryffindor
Gwynllian Parnovan Egidius Egeria' mother, Hufflepuff
Hengist Egeria' owl  
Drest Merwyn's owl  
Bootsie Melina's owl  
Albus's Family    
Dervilia Dumbledore* Albus's late wife, Hufflepuff
Christopher Dumbledore* Albus's uncle, Gryffindor
Beatrice Dumbledore* Christopher's wife, Gryffindor
Sarah Dumbledore* Albus's great-aunt, Slytherin
Quin's Family    
Alroy MacAirt Quin's son, Gryffindor
Aine MacAirt Quin's daughter
Aileen Gamp* MacAirt Quin's late wife, Ravenclaw
Ella Longbottom* Gamp* Quin's mother-in-law,
Aileen's mother, Hufflepuff
Gertrude's Family    
Gareth Gamp* Gertrude's late brother,
Ella's late husband, Slytherin
Reginald Crouch* Gertrude's late husband,
Robert Crouch* Gertrude's son, Durmstrang
Thea Crouch* Robert's wife  
Columbine Gamp* Gertrude's mother, Slytherin
Gropius Gamp* Gertrude's father, Slytherin
Gluffy Gamp house-elf  
Krantzy Gamp house-elf  
Brue Gamp house-elf  
Shirfy Gamp house-elf  
Gamp Guests    
Francis Flint* Valerianna's fiance, Slytherin
Gordon Yaxley* Valerianna's late husband,
Dora Crouch* Bertie's mother, Slytherin
Alfred Crouch* Bertie's father, Ravenclaw
Valerianna Crouch* (Yaxley* Flint*) Former friend of Albus's,
Hepzibah Rosier* Guest at the Gamps, Slytherin
Hogwarts Denizens & Their Relatives  
Blampa Minerva's Hogwarts elf  
The Silent Knight and his dog Fidelius portrait, Minerva's door  
Professor Johannes Birnbaum Herbology, 1942-58,
Professor Hafrena MacAirt Divination, 1930s- . Slytherin
Professor Robert Pretnick Defence, 1956-57, Gryffindor
Professor Katherine Dustern Charms, 1930s-1957,
Professor Lillian Evandras Runes, 1940s- , Ravenclaw
Professor Nathaniel Herder Astronomy, 1940s- , Ravenclaw
Professor Norman James Muggle Studies, 1940s- ,
Madam Perlecta Librarian, 1930s- , Ravenclaw
Madam Valentius Hogwarts Matron, 1940 - 1954,
Paris, the Ravenclaw guest portrait portrait, guest quarters,
Ravenclaw Tower
Hwouly Hogwarts House-elf,
head house-elf
Brutus Hagrid's dog  
Eliphelet Longbottom* portrait, former headmaster,

Finn Futhark Ancient Runes (former),
taught Albus & Merwyn,
Dora Flitwick Flitwick's late wife, Ravenclaw
Various Ministry Personnel    
Auror Septimus Sprangle Head Auror, 1940s, Ravenclaw
Auror Philip Frankel Auror on mission to France,
Minister for Magic Oliver Ouellette Minister, 1944-45, Slytherin
Minister for Magic Clypeus Minister, 1930s-44, Gryffindor
Philomena Flint* Yaxley* Minister for IMC, 1950s,
Claire Philbottom Minerva's friend at the Ministry,
Characters from Minerva's Apprenticeship  
Madame Feuilly Beauxbatons, Transfiguration,
Gerhardt Sachs Minerva's Transfiguration
Rudolf Brauer Minerva's former lover;
Characters from Albus's Tale    
Elinor Little Roma girl, 1866, Muggle
Maria Young Roma woman, 1866,
Gregor Maria's oldest brother, 1866,
Master Nyima Albus's teacher in Tibet, None
Mother Dragon Albus's neighbor; heartstrings
in mated wands
Katherine Fellows Auror, 1940s, Gryffindor
Other Miscellaneous Characters    
Healer Crispin Fastnott St. Mungo's Healer, Ravenclaw
Mr Shycross Estate Agent for Ferguson's,
Kyle Flatiron Proprietor, The Three
Broomsticks, Hufflepuff
Paul Armstrong Friend of Albus's; Glasgow
Gringotts branch, Gryffindor
Healer Bonesett Melina's supervisory Healer
in Edinburgh, Ravenclaw
Lieutenant Rogers British Army officer; 1945,
Private Merrick British soldier; 1945, Muggle
Violet BowenPoppy's sister, Hufflepuff
Dylan BowenPoppy's brother-in-law,
Mr DelancieProprietor of Delancie's
restaurant in Diagon Alley,

Canon Characters and their RaM or HP-canon roles (some roles in RaM are NOT canon)
Minerva McGonagall Hogwarts Transfiguration
Albus Dumbledore Hogwarts Headmaster
Poppy Pomfrey Matron
Horace Slughorn Potions
Armando Dippet Headmaster (until 1955)
Rubeus Hagrid Asst. Groundskeeper
Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank Magical Creatures
(through December 1957)
Professor Binns History
Filius Flitwick Charms (after
August 1957)
Professor Kettleburn Creatures (beginning
January 1958)
Dilys Derwent Portrait, headmistress
Phineas Nigellus Black Portrait, headmaster
Fawkes Phoenix
Ogg Groundskeeper
Appolyon Pringle Caretaker
Rufus Scrimgeour Auror
Alastor Moody Auror
Moaning Myrtle Ghost, killed by Basilisk
Hesper Gamp Black Gertrude's aunt;
Druella Black Bellatrix's mother
Cygnus Black Bellatrix's father
Walburga Black Sirius's mother
Orion Black Sirius's father
Irma Black Sirius's grandmother
Pollux Black Sirius's grandfather
Lucretia Black Sirius's aunt
Bellatrix Black child
Barty Crouch (Senior) Hogwarts student
Lucius Malfoy baby
Andromeda Black baby
Narcissa Black baby
Caspar Crouch married Charis Black
Charis (Black) Crouch distant relative of
Arcturus Black relative of Sirius's
(Gertrude's uncle)
Tom Riddle Dark Wizard,
at school with Minerva
Aberforth Dumbledore Albus's brother
Madam Malkin Robes shop
Grindelwald Dark Wizard
The Fat Lady Portrait in Gryffindor
Damocles Belby Potions Master, later
invented Wolfsbane
Cornelius Fudge
Ministry Worker
Florean FortescueIce Cream shop proprietor

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