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Significant Characters in RaM

Resolving a Misunderstanding

Significant Character Dates
This list includes characters' birth dates (b.) and, where relevant, Sorting year (s.), NEWTs year (n.), death dates (d.), and House, as well as their wand components. The characters are listed in birth order.

Albus Dumbledore:    b. 1 August 1840, s. 1851, n. 1858; GRYFFINDOR; Yew, Dragon Heartstring (original wand components, Holly, Unicorn Tail Hair)

Collum McGonagall:   b.1844, s. 1856, n. 1863, d. 1871; GRYFFINDOR; Oak, Phoenix Tail Feather (Merwyn's father)

Siofre Tyree (McGonagall):     b. 1845, s. 1856, n. 1863; RAVENCLAW, Ivy, Thestral Tail Hair (Merwyn's mother)

Merwyn Marcas McGonagall:     b. 1869, s. 1881, n. 1888; RAVENCLAW; Hazel, Phoenix Tail Feather (Minerva's father)

Egeria Egidius (McGonagall):    b. 1875, s. 1886, n. 1893; GRYFFINDOR; Holly, Unicorn Mane Hair (Minerva's mother)

Reginald Crouch:    b. 1886, s. 1897, n. 1904, d. 1935; GRYFFINDOR; Oak, Unicorn Mane Hair (Gertrude's late husband)

Valerianna (Crouch) Yaxley:    b. 1889, s. 1900, n. 1907; SLYTHERIN; Hornbeam, Unicorn Tail Hair

Gertrude Gamp:   
b. 1897, s. 1908, n. 1915, SLYTHERIN; Ash, Unicorn Mane Hair

Malcolm Mercury McGonagall: 
   b. 1907, s. 1918, n. 1925; GRYFFINDOR; Olive, Jobberknoll Feather (orig. Yew, Unicorn Mane Hair) (Minerva's oldest brother)

Morgan Marianus McGonagall:
    b. 1910, s. 1921, n. 1928; HUFFLEPUFF; Apple, Unicorn Tail Hair (Minerva's middle brother)

Murdoch Maxentius McGonagall: 
   b. 1913, s. 1924, n. 1931; RAVENCLAW; Hawthorn, Unicorn Tail Hair (Minerva's youngest brother)

Cormac Quinlivan MacAirt, "
Quin":     b. 1916 (No School); Oak, Augurey Tail Feather

Brennan Sean O'Donald:
    b. 1917 (Muggle) (Melina's fiance/husband; chemist/pharmacist)

Robert Gropius Crouch:
    b. 1919 (Durmstrang); Ebony, Hippogriff feather (Gertrude's son)

Minerva Morag McGonagall:
    b. 4 October 1924, s. 1936, n. 1943; GRYFFINDOR; Magical Ivy, Dragon Heartstring

Melina Alexandrina McGonagall:
  b.  August 1936, s. 1947, n. 1954; HUFFLEPUFF; Holly, Unicorn Tail Hair (Murdoch's daughter, Minerva's niece)

For a list of almost every character who appears in RaM, and a brief description of each, check out the "Character Guide,"  which is available in a separate post.


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