September 3rd, 2007

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New Chapter of RaM

RaM will be updated on all the archives today, 3 September. "Silly Wizard": Albus makes a change.

This chapter is entirely from Albus's point-of-view. We last got Albus's p.o.v. in "Impulse," which took place in the early morning hours of 23 July. "Impulse," "Meeting Morag," "Jeremiah was a Jarvey," "An Evening in Hogsmeade," and "Disarming Minerva" all took place on the 23rd, and track Minerva's day.

Don't forget that there's an outline of RaM that has the dates for each of the chapters. The outline is here. There's also a recent entry with info on all the stories, but particularly about RaM, including the names of the characters and the "magical Latin" used in the story.
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Dates in RaM

JKR recently posted Albus Dumbledore's birth year as 1881. Prior to this, everyone, including the HP-Lexicon, assumed a birth year of approximately 1840, based on an interview that JKR gave several years ago in which she stated that Albus was one hundred fifty years old. I used the 1840 date as my "jumping off point" for RaM -- and AAoL, by extension, since AAoL is set in the same fictional universe as RaM -- and obviously, over 400,000 words into the story, I can't change something like that without entirely rewriting RaM, and a lot of RaM would make no sense if I were to change it. So essentially, assume that RaM and AAoL attempt to be canon-compliant through everything we knew about the HP-universe up until 21 July 2007. I have changed a few minor details in my RaM outline, but very little -- one of the things I changed was Grindelwald's first name, which I had made "Gunther"; now, it is "Gellert," as it is in canon. The only other change I can think of that I have made as a result of DH is Albus's mother's name. I had been torn as to whether to make Albus's mother a Muggle-born or a Muggle -- I had Quin call her a "Muggle-born" way back in the chapter "More Relatives," and part of my future outline is dependent on her being a Muggle-born witch -- but I began to worry that JKR was going to make her a Muggle and so I left myself a little wiggle-room there. I don't know why I thought that. However, my Albus is still born in 1840, and he has no sister. And there are a great many other differences, as you will see.

By the way, what Quin said back at the Gamps was,“As far as I know, Dumbledore is not closely related to either the Crouches or the Gamps, although it’s possible, I suppose. I think Dumbledore’s mother was a Muggle-born, though – leastwise, that’s what I remember – so if he is related to them, it’d have to be through his father, and I’ve never heard the Crouches braggin’ that they’re related to the Dumbledores, sure an’ they would be if ’twere true.”

Some key dates:

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Compendium of Information about Resolving a Misunderstanding

This entry contains the Resolving a Misunderstanding Chapter Outline/Table of Contents.

The rest of the "Compendium" can be found in the following posts:

1) Resolving a Misunderstanding Chronology, with key dates from 1840 - 1957 and July - August 1957;

a short list of significant characters, their birth dates, and a few other details about them;

3) the
"Character Guide," containing a fairly complete list of the characters, both canon and original, who appear in Resolving a Misunderstanding, and a brief description of who they are;

the "Character Name Meanings" and the Latin Used in RaM (spells and other words);

5)  Minerva's seal and her mother's.

Remember that RaM!Albus is not DH!Albus, and that RaM is in no way DH-compliant. I have attempted to be essentially canon-compliant with what was known of the HP-universe up until 21 July 2007. Other than Grindelwald's first name, I haven't changed anything in RaM based on any information that came available only after DH was released.

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, RaM was written presuming an 1840 birthdate for Albus, based on the HP-Lexicon's long-standing information on Albus Dumbledore, which, in turn, had been based on a previous statement by JKR that Albus was one hundred-fifty years old.

Other RaM-universe stories include "The Unsentimental Arithmancer" (rated T), "Obliging Minerva" (rated MA), A Holiday with the Headmaster (rated MA), An Act of Love, and Death's Dominion, and "Now is Perfect," all of which are at The Petulant Poetess and can be easily found on my author's page on that site. There is a T-rated version of A Holiday with the Headmaster called A Little Holiday, available on

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RaM with Albus, Minerva, and Quin