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My fics over on AO3

An Archive of Our Own Logo - link to AO3 HomeAs I have uploaded my stories to An Archive of Our Own, I have been gradually revising the related pages on my blog so that story links to the fics posted to AO3 are included; however, this is a slow process.

So far, I have uploaded all of my completed HP fanfic to AO3 except for Resolving a Misunderstanding, which is still being uploaded, and A Holiday with the Headmaster, which will be uploaded whenever I get to Chapter 137, "The Silent Knight's Tale," in Resolving a Misunderstanding.

Click to read the rest of the post on my blog.

Note: BTW, for anyone who is reading my WIPs over on TPP, my plans to write more have had to change, given some hand injuries that keep me from typing more than a few paragraphs at a time. I'm hoping to still get some writing done, but I've already made the mistake of trying to "keep going" despite discomfort, and that just made my situation worse, so I'm trying to be careful now. Careful can get very boring, though.
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