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"Chapter Twenty-Six: An Eccentricity Shared" of Charming the Scottish Garden up at TPP

Charming the Scottish Garden

Chapter Twenty-Six: An Eccentricity Shared

Summary: Johannes receives a letter from Siofre. Malcolm fixes them breakfast and gives Johannes a gift, sharing an “eccentricity” with him and welcoming him to the clan.
Rating: T
Genres: Drama, Romance, Humor, AU
Characters: Johannes Birnbaum, Malcolm McGonagall, Siofre Tyree, Kiera

If you'd like to see a real knuckerhole like the one the Knucker lived in in the last chapter of Charming the Scottish Garden, check out this post from my WordPress blog, which has a nice photo.

Charming the Scottish Garden now has a table of contents  on my WordPress site, so you can see it all at a glance -- and occasionally get a sneak preview.
Tags: charming the scottish garden, malcolm mcgonagall, ramverse, story info, story update

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