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I uploaded Kindle versions of Death's Dominion, An Act of Love, and Resolving a Misunderstanding, some short K+ and T-rated stories, as well as several short lemony fics, to Box. Several are available as ePubs, as well.

UPDATE 10 September 2013: I have uploaded several stories in ePub format and have added their links in the list below. They are not included in the Word document list, however.

UPDATE 12 April 2013: fixed links to fics so that they are now downloadable directly to the Kindle eReaders via the experimental browser. (They no longer open in a new tab or browser window.)

EDIT 18 March 2013: I'm revising this post with direct links to the fics, as I believe it will be easier to download them this way.

The bolded titles are long novel-length. The ones in quotation marks are one-shots and other shorter stories. Those that are italicized but not bolded are novella or novel-length.

KINDLE FORMAT (mobi files) - "'Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas" - (T) - "The Sunshine of Kindness" - (T) - "The Unsentimental Arithmancer" - (M/MA) - "A Christmas for Aberforth" - (T) - "Enter, Peacetime" - (T/M) - "Minerva in Hogsmeade" - (K+) - "The Cornish Pixie Prank" - (T) - "Trevor and the Queen or An Evening at the Grangers'" - (K+) - A Holiday with the Headmaster - (MA-rated/NC-17) - An Act of Love - (MA-rated/NC-17) - "An Unexpected Shower" - (mild MA-rated/NC-17) - Death's Dominion - (M/R-rated) - "Invisible Lover" - (MA-rated/NC-17) - Resolving a Misunderstanding - (T/M; contains some MA content in final chapters) - "A Momentary Madness" - (T; final chapter is MA-rated) - "The Sorting of Suzie Sefton" - (T)

EPUB FORMAT - "The Unsentimental Arithmancer" - MMADfan.epub (T) - Resolving a Misunderstanding - MMADfan.epub (T/M; contains some MA content in the final chapters) - "A Momentary Madness" - MMADfan.epub (T; final chapter is MA-rated) - An Act of Love - MMADfan.epub (MA) - A Holiday with the Headmaster - MMADfan.epub (MA)

For descriptions of these stories, take a look at this list.

The clickable links are available on this Word doc, which is likewise stored on Box. [This Word doc still links correctly, if you'd prefer to use it, but it will not be updated.]

If the Flash object doesn't immediately show you the Word document embedded to give you a quick preview of the list, just click the giant arrow to see it.

Drop me a note if you have any questions or requests. I am happy to convert any of these to ePub upon request.
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